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My name is Asia Jokiel and I teach classical Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and meditation. I’m currently based in Utrecht Region in the Netherlands. I have followed a Yoga Teacher Training Course and graduated at the famous Arhanta Yoga International as a Advanced Yoga Teacher with 500 hours of study asana, pranayama, Yoga and Vedic philosophy and teaching skills. Every year I travel to Nepal, India or South-East Asia, where I always join local yoga classes. It is a great way to understand and learn more about different yoga styles and methods of teaching. In Pokhara (Nepal) I have studied Hatha Yoga and meditation with Swami Prem Pukar, the founder of Osho’s Planet Meditation and Yoga Centre. Swami was the first person who saw potential in my skills and encouraged me to become a yoga teacher. It turned round he was right, because I found out that I truly love teaching.


I started my life long adventure with yoga during my studies in Cultural Anthropology.  Through research about India I became more and more interested in Asian cultures. I tried many practices such as kalaripayattu and tai chi, until I joined my first yoga class. Instantly I fell in love with the calming and relaxing effect that yoga had on my body.  My practice that time was not consistent and regular, as I was lacking some motivation. It became consisten later as a remedy for the lower back pains. I became dedicated to my daily yoga practice, back pains disappeared and I started to understand that yoga is not like a simple gymnastics; it’s a way of bringing mind and senses under control. Through yoga I learned to be patient and to recognize what is really important and what is just a distraction. I enjoy the simplicity and stillness. Before I got into a daily practice of classical Hatha Yoga (based on the famous Rishikesh sequence of Swami Sivananda) I had tried many other yogic styles like Ashtanga and Vinyasa. I discovered that Hatha Yoga suits me best – it is a quiet, meditative practice that requires deep concentration and body control.

In addition to yoga I love travelling and enjoy the most remote locations. I like to feel the true presence of nature, still unspoiled by thehuman hands. High mountains are my favorite landscape, and that is probably why I think of Nepal as my second home. My friends have often asked me why I chose the Netherlands as a place to live if I like mountains so much. The answer is simple: I found my second half in a village called Woudenberg and this is where we share our happy, simple life.

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