Corporate Yoga



Yoga classes at the office can change the way how we work for the better. More and more progressive businesses trust the effectiveness of body and mind programs for their employees to a great benefit! Yoga does not only improve flexibility, health and general wellbeing, but it’s a perfect tool to increase morale and bring everyone together as a group. It can be a break to a busy work day or a relaxing way to release stress and anxiety afterwards.

You can expect down to earth approach and tailor-made classes especially designed to target the demands of your workplace open to all – even complete beginners.

Benefits of yoga at the workplace include:
  • lower healthcare costs and less absenteeism
  • improved focus, concentration and memory
  • increased efficiency, productivity and creativity
  • lower turnover rate
  • improved mindset, morale and loyalty
  • less back pains, chronic pains, posture problems and fatigue
  • simply happy, energetic and healthy colleagues!
Facility needs:

In order to deliver safe and full yoga experience we need an open space or conference room with approximately 2 square meters for each student. For the first session or two I can bring props (foam blocks, straps and mats) for limited number of people, but after that I would expect company to purchase their own equipment. I will be happy to help with all necessary preparations!

If you are interested in booking a class or an event with me please send me  an email and let’s discuss the possibilities!