How to prepare for the yoga class?

To get an ultimate and healthy experience during yoga class try to follow the instructions below:

  • Before the class inform teacher about your injuries, sickness or pregnancy!
  • Listen to your body and respect your boundaries. There is a famous saying by great yoga teacher Pattabhi Jois “Practice and all will come”. Have some faith in yourself and a lot of patience.
  • Turn your cellphone off and let yourself (and the others!) enjoy 75 minutes without internet!
  • Don’t eat about 1,5 hours before the class – full stomach can give a feeling of uneasiness and make you nauseous. If you are hungry than eat something light: a fruit or a muesli bar.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that will keep fresh and let you move in every possible direction – yes, you are going to move a lot and sweat during the class!
  • There will be a space where you can comfortably change your clothes.
  • Take of your socks! We practice yoga with bare feet.
  • Try to don’t use too much perfume before the class.
  • Come on time! If you are coming for the first time or need to deal with payments come 15 minutes earlier. Remember: it’s better to be too early than too late.
  • Payments at Cultuurhuis Woudenberg can be done only with cash.
  • There will be always warm herbal tea waiting for you, but you are welcome to bring to the class your own bottle of water. Although we try to don’t drink during the class!
  • Payment for classes at Cultuurhuis Woudenberg can be done cash only.
  • After the class drink a lot of water and unsweetened herbal tea. Yoga cleanses your body and healthy liquids will help you to release toxins from your organism.
  • Teacher will provide all equipment needed for the class: mats, flat cushions for sitting and blankets. If you are used to your own props or need anything extra you are welcome to bring it along!
  • Be kind and smile a lot!
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