Private Yoga



I offer highly personalized, private yoga classes, 100% focused on your needs and goals. What to expect?

  1. Prepared especially for you program of asanas (yoga poses) that will develop your strength and flexibility.
  2. Introduction to breathing exercises that will calm your mind and teach you how to win with the stress.
  3. Possibility and inspiration to enrich your physical practice with deeper meaning through philosophy and meditation.
  4. Practice that will balance your daily activities and proper relaxation. I teach fierce and strong Vinyasa, calming Yin and classical Hatha Yoga. Whatever is your need  – we can find a proper practice for you or combine all of them!


Life is getting busier, daily schedules became so impossible and hectic, that sometimes coming to yoga class becomes another task and creates even more stress. As a private yoga teacher I specialize in personalized and convenient yoga classes and programs that will bring yoga to YOU – your home or workplace. Depending on your needs we can meet once, twice or even three times a week.

I’m always very dedicated to my students, and take my time to understand their needs and goals in order to create yoga program that will really serve them. You can choose from Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga or Hatha Yoga or we can combine all of these styles according to your wish!

My students are:

  • Busy executives and entrepreneurs
  • Parents trying to combine work with family
  • People with injuries or specific medical history which prevents them from joining group classes
  • Beginners or people coming back to yoga after longer break
  • Introverters who prefer their own home over a busy yoga school in a city

I’m based in Amersfoort in the Netherlands and I can come to you anywhere around.  Contact me and let’s discuss all the possibilities!


For those who can’t start right now their private yoga program I offer group classes in various places in the Netherlands. My classes are welcoming and open to students of all ages and different abilities, where everyone can find something meaningful to take home.

Read more about current group classes and check out the whole Weekly Schedule with group classes!