Terms and conditions


AsianaYoga belongs to Joanna Asia Jokiel and is registered at the Kamer van Koophandel under the number 69551111. AsianaYoga is registered at Gersteveld 30, 3931 WC in Woudenberg, the Netherlands.


  1. Agreement to terms and conditions happens when sign-in form is being singed and given or sent to AsianaYoga.
  2. Participating in the yoga sessions is always at own risk of the student.
  3. Every participant must inform the teacher about any medical conditions or physical limitations before the class.
  4. If participant is preganant, wants to become pregnant, is postnatal or post-surgical he must have doctors/physician approval to participate in yoga. Following the class is only possible if conditions of the student does not present any medical risks.  
  5. Participating in the private sessions, group classes or workshops means that participant agrees to these terms and conditions.
  6. AsianaYoga is not responsible for the physical damages that may accure through participation in yoga.
  7. AsianaYoga is not responsible damages or loss of participant’s properties during the class.
  8. AsianaYoga has right to forbbid the participant from joinint the class without stating the reason.


  1. Private classes are being paied due to monthly invoice.


  1. Private classes must be always booked earlier. To book the class send the email or call.
  2. Private classes will take place every week as consistently as possible. Is possible sessions will take place at the same time/day every week.


  1. Refunds are not possible.
  1. 24 hours notice must be given for cancelation without full charge.
  2. If less than 24 hours notice is given client will be billed for the full session price.
  3. If more than 24 hours notice is given than teacher will try to offer rescheduling opportunity for the same week (subject to availability, no guarantees).

Liability Waiver:

  1. Participatting the the yoga sessions is at own risk of the participnt. AsianaYoga or the teachers are free from any responsibility for any possible damages (direct or indirect)that accure due to participation in yoga or that might be connected to participation in yoga.
  2. Participant must understand that yoga includes physical movements as well as an opportunity for relaxation, stress reduction and relief for muscular tension.  As is the case with any physical activity  the risk of injury, even serious or disabaling,  is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated.
  3. If participant  experiences any pain or discomfort he/she must listen to the body, discontinue activity and ask for the support from the teacher.
  4. Participant must understand that yoga is  not a substitute for a medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment and that yoga is not recommended or safe under certain conditions.
  5. If participant is pregnant, wants to become pregnant, is postnatal or post-surgical, he/she must have doctor’s/physician’s approval to participate.


AsianaYoga helds the right to:

    1. Change the prices of the yoga sessions. Those changes will be presented to the participant minimum 4 weeks before new price becomes official.
    2. Due to a sickenss or emergancy of the teacher the class might be rescheduled or cancelled.
    3.  Change the location where the sessions take place.
    4. To update terms and conditions. The last and most upadates version is always available on the website asianayoga.com and is the one that is applicable.

Personal Data:

  1. AsianaYoga gathers personal information of the clients. Those infromations are kept safe and not being shared with any other third-parties. 
  2. Name, address, mobile number  and email are important for keeping up-to-date administration and contact possibilities.
  3. Information about the health of the student is important for the teacher becouse of the safety.